How to Run Faster & Jump Higher after Knee Surgery or Injury
ACL Segway & Injury Prevention
  Jump Higher and Run Faster than before Surgery or Injury

  Assist in Preventing Injuries & Knee Re-Injury

Train Athletes to Become Playmakers after ACL Surgery

 Provide Another Revenue Source for your Gym or Clinic

We would like a smooth transition or “Segway” from physical therapy back to sports. How many athletes have their ACL

surgery or other injury and finished their physical therapy, but are not ready to return to sports. The ACL Segway was formed

for these athletes and any male or female that wants to decrease risk of knee injuries.
Many insurances are now limiting 

visits to where an ACL athlete has to be discharged even before they have reached all their goals or because of non-

compliance, improper rehab, or other health issues. The following program is recommended for athletes that have been

cleared by their physician for all activities or have not had recent injuries. 


What's Included? Ebook and Video of exercises utilized in the program or a DVD and binder with all the information, and all the Free Bonuses below...

 Free Tips on starting your own program at gym, fitness center or clinic

Free 24 Session Program for female soccer player and football player

Free PDF Dartfish Analysis of movement of example player

Free Discussion on Future Research

  • What "Muscle Activation" exercises could assist in decreasing knee injuries?

  • What is the Transverse Abdominis and why is it important?

  • What core exercises should be utilized other than just sit-ups etc?

  • What equipment do I need to start my program?

  • How can I avoid patellar tendinitis?

  • How to Jump and Land properly to decrease injury risk

  • Why can you only run as fast as you can slow yourself down in most sports?

  • What are Linear and Lateral Days?

  • Should I stretch before or after exercise or should I even passive stretch at all?

  • What is the most important test before returning an athlete to sports or exercise?

  • What is the most important test to perform if the athlete is having pain in any joint? 


  • "Thanks for working me out and helping me rehab to get to the Olympics"
    Two-time US Olympic Athlete Wallace Spearmon with 4th place finish in 2012 200 meters

  • NBA player Ronnie Brewer with the Oklahoma City Thunder had an injury free season after working out all summer with AthletePlus.

  • Our High School basketball athletes have used Chris Cothern to improve their quickness, lateral movement, and overall agility. He has worked with our basketball team for two years now. He has tested our agilities, worked with us on how to prevent knee injuries, and discussed our weaknesses so that we may improve our output. He has rehabbed some of our players after knee surgery and he got  them back at a record pace. They were able to jump higher and run faster than before surgery. We were extremely pleased I would highly recommend Chris to any athlete that wants to improve their athletic ability. He has the professional knowledge, latest tools, and commitment to enhance athletes in improving their performance in sports. Chris is a person with integrity. He is an honest person with high moral standards who cares about the people he works with."  7A High School basketball Coach                     
  • "I have worked with Chris professionally for 4 years. During that time I have recommend him to several athletes. He has done a very good job training my athletes with regard to speed, quickness, strength, eye/hand, vertical jump and injury recovery. One of my freshman girls increased her vertical by 6 inches in just 8 weeks. A sophomore basketball player had a badly sprained ankle and Chris got her back to playing at a national exposure event in just a few days. I now recommend AthletePlus on a daily basis." National Sports Scout 

    "Outstanding results. Michael has improved every aspect of his athletic ability. He has had personal records on all events in track and improved his 40 yard dash since working with Chris at AthletePlus." State Decathlon Champion and record-setting All-Conference Decathlete


    Who should buy this program?

Physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, sports medicine professionals or just an active person wanting to return to sports or exercise
This course has been submitted for approval for CEU approval for 6 hours for physical therapists in AR,TX,CA, OK, athletic trainers and the NSCA.

Course Objectives
  1. Interpret evidence-based physical therapy practice for ACL Segway Injury Prevention programs.
  2. Identify six physical therapy interventions used to assist in preparing athletes for sports following ACL reconstruction.
  3. Describe linear and lateral techniques for safely increasing speed and athletic ability in post-surgical athlete.
  4. Formulate a treatment plan with exercise parameters for an example post-surgical ACL athlete.
  5. Summarize the latest evidence in prevention of knee injuries.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Testing
  3. Dynactive Warm-Up
  4. Lumbar Stabilization/Core Strengthening
  5. Muscle Activation
  6. How to Jump and Land
  7. Plyometrics
  8. Speed & Anti-Speed Training
  9. Lateral Speed Training
  10. Closed Chain Single Leg Perturbation
  11. Sports Specific Training
  12. Olympic Lifts
  13. Strength Training
  14. Recovery/Regeneration
  15. Modalities
  16. References


Free Excerpt from Ebook
The ACL tear is an often researched injury with numerous articles present in literature.  It is estimated that 38,000 ACL injuries occur each year in female athletes 1,with an associated cost of $17,000 for repair and rehabilitation per patient. 2 Injury-prevention techniques for the ACL have previously been proved to be effective. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10  Prevention of injury in females has become very important because scholarships are now awarded in many female sports and an ACL tear can lead to possible future disability from arthritic changes in a reconstructed knee. Several injury prevention programs including neuromuscular training programs have been shown to decrease the associated risk factors for injury and possibly injury rates,  2, 4-6, 11-13, decrease peak landing forces by 22% 14 and one study showed reduced ACL injuries by 88% in younger athletes. 14 Some studies have shown patients to still have limitations after a successful ACL surgery and rehabilitation, 23, 24 but athletes can restore force production and reactive strength capabilities after ACL recovery.  25

Because of faulty neuromuscular strategies and increase anterior-posterior shear forces, athletes with previous ACL injury or knee joint trauma have a 2-3 fold increase in re injury at the previous site. 27  These previously injured athletes are more susceptible to injuries when they return to sports that involve jumping and landing. 27, 28  Fear of re-injury is common for ACL patients, and is more common for those who have lower outcomes. 29  A successful ACL Segway program can assist in decreasing the fears of these patients, since up to 10-30% may require another ACL reconstruction. 30 Continue reading by Buying Ebook and DVD for instant access.




Option 1: Get Instant Access to the Ebook and the ACL Segway Video Online for $97!
Ebook will be downloaded in pdf format using Adobe Acrobat.  Video utilizes Vimeo and can be viewed on any internet browser, Iphone, Android, Windows Phone, XBox, Google TV, Apple TV and more.  Email for questions

  Free Tips on Starting your Own Program at Gym, Fitness Center or Clinic

Free 24 Session Program for Female Soccer Player

Free PDF Dartfish Analysis of Movement of Example Player

Free Discussion on Future Research

Option 2: Buy the Ebook and DVD Package $127!
ACL Segway & Injury Prevention Program and DVD will be shipped with a binder with all Bonuses as above.

   Free Tips on Starting your Own Program at Gym, Fitness Center or Clinic

Free 24 Session Program for Female Soccer Player

Free PDF Dartfish Analysis of Movement of Example Player

Free Discussion on Future Research


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